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In Sengoku period (the 16th century), Shinobi group whose abilities are highly approved by Daimyo played a major role as spy, assassin, and special forces in the shadow of a history. With the end of Sengoku period, Shinobi group were scattered all over the country to make use their high abilities to a new era.
In 1603, with the open of Edo Shogunate, Tokugawa took along Shinobi group to Edo and called them as“Miyako Ninja”.“Miyako Ninja” built the secret village near Hanzo-mon that was preserved by famous ninja Hanzo Hattori. They are now providing secret of hospitality to the VIPs from all around the world. That village is called as “NINJA AKASAKA”.
In 1602, “Miyako Ninja” protected Ieyasu Tokugawa as gun squad during his moving to Edo. That place is called as “Hyaku-nin cho” today. They built the house beside Koshu Kaido near Hyaku-nin cho, Shinjuku, and protected the security of Edo entrance. That house is called as “NINA SHINJUKU”.
In the peace and tranquil Edo period, “Miyako Ninja” were highly approved of their abilities, they worked for Tokugawa. Among them, “Jokyu-Ninja” who can manipulate the witchcraft used their special abilities to entertain Daimyo. The place where they are hiding is called as “AJITO”
In 1800, Edo Shogunate secretly made some members of “Miyako Ninja” cross the sea to the United States. They explored the country from west to east, and when arrived at east, they built hidden village under the small island. That is Manhattan today, and that village is called as “NINJA NEW YORK”.
500 years have passed since Sengoku period, Shinobi group scattered all over the place is now training and working quietly with the mission of protecting peaceful and tranquil world.



It's like as if you went back to the Middle Ages. The wines which are the only one can bear more than 100 years of aging among all alcohols are waiting to be sipped by the best drinkers at chateau cave underground.
Leaving the bustle of Roppongi, you would find the heavy safe door of BANQUE, and the only chosen ones are allowed to open it.
Once you go inside it, you feel like as if you trip to the chateau cave immediately. The underground cave turns into a space where you can relax so calmly that you will forget the time.
There are sparkling chandelier, comfortable sofa, Japanese unique sophisticated western cuisine and the best glasses to drink wines.
Sommeliers are happy to help you with spending the luxury time here.
Please try to knock the door of BANQUE tonight...then you will trip to the loveliest moment that you have never experienced before.



In the beginning of 1930s, a lot of pioneers from main land crossed the sea to Hokkaido where the cultivation became prosperous afterwards. The pig farming was thriving in order to restore the energies of pioneers in Obihiro, Tokachi area in Hokkaido.
In 1933, Obihiro traditional food Butadon was born in that land. Although it is a simple food that charcoal grilled thick pork put on white rice, the combination of sweet sauce, thick pork and white rice is perfect that you will never forget its taste once you eat it.
At Tontan, pork with mildly sweet sauce is grilled by charcoal fire carefully, put on white rice and covered with a lid in order to keep the flavour and the taste until it is reach your mouth. This is the only Butadon restaurant in Tokyo that preserves the traditional Obihiro taste and style.
From 5 PM, you can also enjoy Obihiro Jingisukan (grilled mutton dish). Obihiro Jingisukan is unique for its soft mutton even after grilled and without peculiar mutton taste. We provide Jingisukan by Jingisukan nabe so that the meat juice from mutton seeps into vegetables and it's perfectly fit either rice or beer! You can also enjoy our Obihiro wine. Please enjoy yourself at Tontan!

Our story

Our story

We are creating and providing the only one theme restaurant in the world with embracing our mission of creating valuable food culture.
Since 2001, we’ve been created the entire new style restaurants including NINNJA, and committed to giving joy and impression to people from all over the world.
We are changing your time to come to our restaurant into precious memory with the best hospitality and the best cuisine. Enjoyable experience at the restaurant become unforgettable memories for people and can make people’s lives better. Believing so, we will try our best to give a whole new food entertainment to as many people as possible.


Takeshi Yokokawa

Takeshi Yokokawa

CEOTakeshi Yokokawa
DirectorsAkira Suzuki

Kenji Yoshino

Koji Takumi

Tomohiro Homma

Isao Kuramochi


Our industry is not a chain restaurant industry but the only one restaurant industry. In Japan today, the restaurants are no longer the infrastructure, but the business, entertainment, education and even culture.
What do you expect about eating and drinking at this enriching time that you can get anything you want? - Our answer to that question is that the time and space itself from which you can get surprise, impression, joy, and happiness.
Even if the world becomes more and more convenient, our senses never change, so do our emotions.
We want to be the one who nurture the oldest emotions with the latest technologies.

Job Positions
・Head officeAdministrator/Assistant
・RestaurantService/Chef/Sommelier/Bartenders/Pastry chef/Magician
・Head OfficeImperial Akasaka Forum, 7-5-34 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・NINJA AKASAKATokyu Plaza Akasaka, 2-14-3, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
・NINJA SHINJUKUKono Bldg. 1-11-11, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
・NINJA NEW YORK25 Hudson St, Manhattan, NY 10013, United States
・BANQUEKitayama Bldg. 7-3-21, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Tontan2-5-1, Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Job Type・Full-time
BenefitsPersonal pension support, health insurance,
Commute allowance, Company housing, Moving allowance, Self-development allowance, Child care, Hospitality training (Hawaii Disney Resort) etc.

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